Upcoming tours

  1. Royal Feast - 25 March - 2 April - We will visit two royal cities: Warsaw and Krakow and indulge in traditional flavours with a modern twist. Fine dining at its best.

  2. Bread, Vodka and Salt - 17 - 30 April - Welcoming guests with bread, vodka and salt is the way of showing traditional Polish hospitality. This tour is inspired and focused on those three things. We’ll try different types of bread - the very important staple in Poland - and make a delicious sourdough loaf ourselves. Discover many types of vodka and learn how to appreciate it. And we’ll travel north, to the seaside, for all things salty like fish and pickles. Warsaw - Poznan - Szczecin - Gdansk

  3. Home Sweet Home - 3 - 11 June - Tour focused on some very popular, sweet things and homemade treats. If you fancy dessert versions of dumplings, crepes or even potato pancakes, want to taste the famous gingerbreads from Torun, see how krowki are made and learn about homemade preserves & cakes, this tour is perfect for you. We will visit cake shops daily to try pączki (doughnuts), drożdżówki (pastries) and some of the best Polish cakes. Warsaw - Torun - Wroclaw

  4. Beer Lovers - 12 - 25 June - How does going around Poland in search of the best beer sound to you? Beer gardens, craft & well established breweries and food that goes well with every brew. We will visit Warsaw, Krakow and Silesia but we’ll taste beer from other parts of the country too.

  5. The Land of Milk And Honey - 2 - 9 September - This tour is focused on milk and honey - all things dairy and sweet. Milk, cream, butter and cheeses - all are used in both, sweet and savoury dishes. Honey is used in cakes & pastries but also in alcoholic beverages. And there’s no better breakfast than a thick slice of freshly baked bread with butter and honey. Warsaw and Podlaskie Voivodeship.

  6. Traditional & Homemade - 10 - 17 September - One week of food celebrations. Think artisan food, craft beer, local produce and quaint towns with beautiful nature (sea, lakes and forests) in the background. Tricity - Kashubia - Masuria

  7. A bite of Silesia - 5 - 12 November - We will explore Silesia - home of the hearty Silesian dumplings and sour rye soup (which will be perfect for this autumn tour) as well as the heart of beer making in Poland.

Custom trips

If you'd like to travel with your family and/or friends and have the trip tailored to your interests & needs, please let us help you arrange a unique travel experience. Contact us to enquire.