Your trip your way. If you don't want to travel in a group and just need our local experience and expertise, we're here to help you with your itinerary. Currently, our services cover creation of itineraries for trips to Poland, Australia and Japan.

How does the process of designing a customised itinerary work?

First, we send you a questionnaire and get all the details from you - your needs, dates, specific requests & preferences and incorporate them into a completely custom experience. 

One review with one set of adjustments is included in the price.

What do I receive?

A pdf with detailed day by day itinerary that meets your needs and pace, inclusive of: 

  • restaurants recommendations for breakfasts, lunches & dinners with addresses, contact details and opening hours
  • hotel recommendations matched to your price point
  • opening hours & addresses of museums & other tourist attractions
  • info about ongoing festivals
  • info about weather & packing list recommendations

Why should I have a customized itinerary?
By allowing us to design your itinerary, you save your time at both the planning stage and the actual tour. It's a personal program that helps you travel stress-free. We are not associated with any hotel chains or tourist attractions, so you can rely on our honest recommendations and local expertise. Our goal is to make you enjoy your travel experience.


from $199


We're more than happy to extend our services to make your trip even easier. Contact us for pricing.

  • we can book tables for you at some of the best restaurants
  • be available via Skype or email if you need any help during your trip
  • arrange train tickets
  • send you a printed version of your itinerary

and more - just contact us with your ideas, we're here for you.