A gourmand is a person who takes great pleasure and interest in consuming good food and drink.

Gourmand Guide helps you experience Poland

All our tours are carefully designed to show you Poland from a local perspective. We want to make sure it will be an unforgettable experience, not just a tour.

Small Groups 

It's important to us to keep the group as small and personal as possible (maximum of 8 guests). This allows for a more personal experience and helps you make the best of each activity, without feeling lost in the crowd. You will get to know your fellow travellers and the guide will have time to learn more about you and make the tour as pleasurable for you as possible.


Pick one of our upcoming tours, book your plane tickets and pack your bags, we will take care of everything else from the moment you arrive at the start point of your tour. We plan in detail so you can enjoy our tours stress-free.


Our main focus is on food. The rest - architecture, nature, activities, walks and shopping - is well balanced to give you a taste of what Poland is about. 


The accommodation we choose is a mix of boutique hotels, five- & four-star hotels as well as B&Bs and cabins. It's always appropriate to the region we visit and to the current season. Every accommodation must pass our comfort-check - the most important for us is to find places that are not only beautiful but also in a right location, safe, clean and allow our guests to retreat in comfort.


You'll experience regional specialities. We go above and beyond to showcase the best produce and a variety of flavours. You can expect taste-testings, street food, fine dining, markets, family restaurants - an insider outlook into a local lifestyle.

Off the beaten track

The experience we offer is not something that could be done by anyone with a guidebook in hand. We do our best to show you mostly the unique side of each region we visit, but we're not forgetting about some of the well-known places either. In each itinerary, there are days that give you time to go and check out all the must-see landmarks on your own.


Born and raised in South-East Poland and ever since she can remember she loved spending time in the kitchen with her mum and grandmas. With their help she mastered her first cake (basic vanilla pound cake) at only 6-years-old and she thinks her mum is also the one to blame (or to thank rather) for her other love – travel. They went on their trip to Paris ( first time on a plane!) when Aga was only 3.

Since then Aga has travelled 200 000km, visited over a dozen countries and calls Australia home. This has given her the perspective to appreciate the best of Poland's food, nature and people. Via Gourmand Guide she hopes to share that perspective and experience with you.

Check out Aga's food & travel blog: amatteroftaste.me